This site shows you all the new costumes for the 2010 season, provides detailed information about them (when available), customer reviews (when available), tells where you can get them, and provides price comparisons. Please also check out my About page and the Coupons pages.

Add This Blog to Your Favorites!

Please add this blog to your favorites first, in case your browser crashes or you accidentally close the window. I’m constantly adding new pages and will be adding costume makeup videos as well, so you may want to visit again to check out the newly added costumes, or to watch the videos.

For Those in a Rush

For those in a rush, you can browse through the categories, find a costume you want, and click on the first link for that costume, and know that you’ve gotten your costume for a good price. (I always list the lowest price for a costume – not including shipping – FIRST.) A number of the vendors also have links on their costume page to coordinating accessories, so most of the time you can add any accessories you need and check out quickly.

How to Get the Most from This Blog

If you have just a bit more time, check out the Coupons page. With the exception of the highest priced costumes, there isn’t as much price differentiation between the vendors with brand new costumes as there are with existing costume lines, in part because the costume retailers may just go with the manufacturer’s suggested price, in part because they may reduce the price on older stock to make room for the new costumes, in part because they don’t know how well a costume will sell, will it sell out, whether the costume is at the right price point relative to demand, and in some cases, the typical customer for one costume retailer may differ from one of its competitors, and the costume that sells well for one vendor may not sell as well for another vendor.

Compare Shipping Costs

For most new costumes, there still is a price range of a couple dollars, and you should definitely check out the price comparisons I’ve listed for each 2010 costume, but in order to save even more money on your costume, you need to also compare shipping costs. Depending on your location and shipping method, the shipping costs can vary by quite a bit, so if there are several vendors with close prices for the same costume, I would recommend visiting the site for each vendor selling the costume of your choice, and then either check their “shipping” page or section (if they have one), or put the costume and any accessories you want in a cart, start checkout, and find out how much shipping is going to be for each vendor.

Check the Coupon and Promotional Codes

Another way you can save on your new costume is by checking out my Costume Coupon and Promotional Codes page, which I’ll be updating frequently. There are a lot of costume vendors out there, competition for your business is fierce, and for the savvy shopper, they’ll often offer an extra incentive to lure your business away from another vendor, or to encourage you to increase the total amount of your order. You can often save an extra 5%, 10%, get flat rate or free shipping, just by using a discount code when you check out.

Sales Tax Can Add Up, Too!

I would also recommend that if a costume is available for roughly the same price from several vendors, you put it in a shopping cart at each website, and start checkout, to check not only shipping and handling charges, but sales tax as well. Here in California, sales tax is almost 10%, it can really make a difference in deciding which costume vendor to purchase from if you are required to pay state and/or local taxes.

How to Navigate This Blog

The drop down menu at the top and the vertical menu on the right side contain the same pages, I’ve included both formats so you can use whichever navigational method you like better. I’ve separated standard and plus size costumes for adults so the pages will load quicker and you don’t have to look at costumes that aren’t in your size range, but I do provide a link to the plus size costume from the entry for the standard size costume and vice versa so you can check them out if you want. I’ve also broken out the baby, child, and teen costumes to create faster loading pages and so you can browse for the right size costume more quickly.

There’s also a search box on the top right corner, as well as a tag cloud. I’ve marked all my pages with “tags” (much like subcategories) in order to create the “tag cloud” (located beneath the vertical menu). What is a tag cloud? The tag cloud consists of an alphabetical list of “tags” I’ve placed on the pages of this blog to identify the contents. Reviewing the tag cloud is a good way to get costume ideas, BTW. Based on the number of pages that are marked with a particular tag, the font size of the link increases, for example, if a lot of pages are marked with the term “scary costume”, the link will be larger. You can click on the link, and the site will show you all the pages marked with that tag, regardless what category the pages are in. So if the whole family has decided to dress up as vampires, you can just click on the tag marked “vampire costume” and look at all the relevant pages.

Page Organization

This blog lists only costumes that are new for the 2010 season, starting with the lowest priced costume for each category. The title of the links to the various retailers (supplied by the vendor) may be slightly misleading, they may indicate a specific size when in fact the link leads to a landing page for the costume in all available sizes. If a vendor has separate pages for each costume size, I’ll provide all those links, if they have a single link for all available sizes (even if the link indicates otherwise), I’ll provide just the single link.

Upcoming Features

I’ve already put a great deal of work into this blog, perhaps more than a non-webmaster can tell, and plan of devoting hundreds more hours to building up this site as quickly as possible. I hope you will find this blog incredibly useful and save a lot of money using it, but please be patient, I’m completing this site as quickly as possible, and the vendors are making constant additions to their new costume lineup. I’ll also be adding links to a number of costume makeup videos, so please bookmark this site so you can come back and watch them to help perfect the look of your costume.

All Suggestions for Improving this Blog Gratefully Accepted!

I would LOVE to know how you like the site, if you find it useful, how quickly the pictures load for you, whether the pages are formatting properly for your browser, or if there’s an accidental typographical error. If you have a suggestions how I can improve the blog for its users, please post and let me know! I’d love to hear from you…

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